Term Project

Your group should consist of 2 people. Answer all of the following questions.

1. Does Chomsky’s Linguistic Theory support traditional view, linguistic determinism, or linguistic relativity? Why? (8 points)


2. Find and present a theory-based categorization example used in a research study but not mentioned in the class (i.e., white, grey, and black clouds and hair). How do participants make categorization in this example? Do not forget to write the reference of the study that you have found. (9 points)


3. Find and present two news from a newspaper or magazine demonstrating that human beings are not rational decision makers. These news should show the real-life behaviors of people, not opinions or beliefs of people.  Which heuristic, bias, effect, or theory can you base these two behavior types? Add screenshots of these news to your report. How to copy the image of the active window is described in http://agsci.psu.edu/it/how-to/create-and-insert-screen-shot-into-word-or-powerpoint (8 points)


Due date and time: December 26, 2016 at 17:00.

Late submission: You will lose 25% of your points for every late day.

Note: You should bring a printed copy of term project not longer than 3 pages including screenshots of news to my office. E-mails will not be accepted.